Bulk Dmoz directory listing checker. Check Dmoz listing of 500 domains in a flash.

This is our free Dmoz checker, it gives you a simple yes or no when you enter up to 500 domains as it checks each one to see if it has been listed in the Open Directory or DMOZ. All you have to do is enter the domains, hit submit and wait for the results of the Dmoz directory listing to come in.

There's no charge at all to use this tool and you can use it as many times a day as you would like to. Being able to check Dmoz listing is important when buying domains to see if they have a good popularity rating.

* Your domain name search results are not being recorded.

Input list. You may input domains in any format (max 500 domains)  

Remove Duplicate Domains

  alert sound when done

  Web Of Trust (myWOT.com) ratings

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