Bulk pagerank checker. Check Google pagerank & Google backlinks of 500 domains at once.

Pagerank is a numeric value that shows how important a web page is on the net. The higher number is the better. If you are a domain investor who is usually working with large domain list, then you will find this bulk pr checker tool is very helpful.

All good webmasters and domain owners know that pageranking is one of the most important aspects of SEO, if your domain doesn't rank well then it's not going to be noticed. This tool will help check the Google pagerank of multiple domains all at the same time. Just enter the URLs into the pagerank checker and you'll see the score they have, the higher the better for pageranking.

You can use this free pagerank checker as many times as you like and you can be confident in the results that are shown to you, we also don't record your results.

* Your domain name search results are not being recorded.

Input list. Enter URL line by line (max 500 URLs)  

Remove Duplicate Domains

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Please Note:

- If domains have pagerank = 0, script will skip checking backlinks (will show backlinks = 0)

- If domains have pagerank > 0, but backlinks # = -1, then you need to verify backlinks manually

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