Find IP address and location of 500 websites or domains in a flash.

This tool links a domain to IP address and therefore to a location as well so is very handy at giving you a lot of information at once in a timely manner. If you want to find domain location of any domains (or websites) you either own or from someone else then you can use this tool and it will show you the IP, the location - including city, region and country and the ISP/domain host.

By knowing the website IP address you'll have the information you need which you can also export to a CSV file to send to colleagues if needed.

* Your domain name search results are not being recorded.

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Input list. You may input domains in any format (max 500 domains)  

Remove Duplicate Domains

  alert sound when done

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Domain IP Address Country Region City Zip Code Timezone ISP

Note: If you see this tool stop working, then visit enter this IP: and click Unban button. Thank you!

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