Remove Duplicates, Remove Extra Space & Tabs, Remove Line Contain Specific Words.

Remove duplicate lines from any batch of text with this free to use duplicate remover tool. Cut down on time, money and energy with this tool, you can remove spaces, remove tabs from text or even use it as a duplicate finder if you're not sure if some text you have even has any duplicates.

Just enter as much text as you like into the box below and it will remove duplicates for you in no time. Choose from several options so the tool works exactly how you want it to and get the output alphabetized if you want to.

Paste lines in the textbox below  


Case insensitive

Trim (Remove the whitespace from the beginning and end of a line. This will remove empty line and lines containing only whitespace)

Delete all tabs. Remove tabs from text?

Remove extra spaces?

Remove line if it

Case insensitive

Output list  

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